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Advanced Open Water Diver

Prerequisites: Open Water Diver, Minimum 12 years old

Approximate Duration: 2/3 Days, (5 Open Water dives)

The next step up the PADI diver ladder from Open Water Diver and there is no exam! However, you will be required to read about each adventure dive in your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver manual and complete the corresponding knowledge review. This course is all about trying new kinds of diving such as wreck, drift or night diving and progressing deeper. 5 dives are required for certification including a deep dive between 18m-30m (18m-21m for 12-14 year olds) and a navigation dive. You and your instructor will decide upon the other three adventure dives between you. You don’t need to be an “advanced level” diver to take this course,  it’s about advancing on what you know as an Open Water Diver and learning new skills associated to different areas of diving and trying new kinds of diving. Most of the dives you do during your Advanced Open Water course can be credited as the first dive of the individual specialty course. Below are some of the adventure dives apart from the required deep and navigation dives you can choose from with your instructor.


- Drift

- DPV (scooter)

- Enriched Air Nitrox

- Navigation

- Night

- Peak Performance Buoyancy

- Search and Recovery