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Wreck Diver

Prerequisites: Adventure Diver, Minimum 15 years old

Approximate Duration: 2/3 Days, (4 Wreck dives)

There are so many questions to ask about a wreck. Why did it sink? When did it sink? How did it sink? These are just some of the questions that make wreck diving so interesting. During this course you will learn the correct procedures for wreck diving and penetrating a wreck as well as the hazards and risks involved in doing so. You will also learn about the equipment needed for safe wreck penetration and how to use it. You will practice navigating in and around a wreck using different techniques, how to survey a wreck for future penetration dives and also how to produce an accurate map of a wreck. After successful completion of this course you will have the skills and knowledge required to dive on wrecks and penetrate them safely within the light zone and 40 linear metres.